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Today's Special
Item Number: 1907-801
Item Number: 1907-801
  Sandra Begay

Price Was: $1,735.00
Today's Special: $1,685.00
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In The Spotlight
Navajo Rugs Buying Tips

    One of the most notable points for trying to determine the authenticity of a Navajo rug is the manner in which it is woven. There are two different types of looms that account for differences in the weave. 

View more tips at  Tips For Purchasing Navajo Rugs.


"Genuine Navajo Rug ... How To Tell"
"A Guide to Navajo Rugs"
"The Best of the West"
      Edited by Tony Hillerman
"Southwestern Indian Recipe Book"
"Blonde Chicana Bride's Mexican Cookbook"
"The Penobscot"
"The Shawnee"
        ... and many more!

Kokopelli Dolls of all different sizes. Meet up with ...       "Hiking Koko"       "Tie Dye, I and Tie Dye, II"       "Fishing KoKo"       "Li'l Koko"       "Curious Koko"       "Enchanting KoKo"       "Koko Gold"
Adopt a Kokopelli
Click here NOW to get
   PRE-APPROVED for the adoption process!
Douglas Blue Feather       2003 "Flutist of the Year"
Visit the Douglas Blue Feather Studio

   Coming Soon!

"Canyon Dance" Pot Holders
   & Terry Cloth Towels

"Kokopelli" Pot Holders &
   Terry Cloth Towels

Butcher Style Aprons
"Siesta Under the Sombrero"
      Salt & Pepper Shakers
Chili Pepper & Cheese Shakers

"Kokopelli" Tote Bag
"Chili Caliente" Tote Bag

SOCKS For Your Bare Feet!

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