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Today's Special
Item Number: 1907-801
Item Number: 1907-801
  Sandra Begay

Price Was: $1,735.00
Today's Special: $1,685.00
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In The Spotlight
Navajo Rugs Buying Tips

    One of the most notable points for trying to determine the authenticity of a Navajo rug is the manner in which it is woven. There are two different types of looms that account for differences in the weave. 

View more tips at  Tips For Purchasing Navajo Rugs.


Every once and a while we get comments sent to us. We wanted to share what others think about our rugs and service. If you have a comment to share, you can send it to us from our contact page.

Your friends,


I am looking for a Navajo Rug to hang on my home office wall. You have some very nice ones. I will visit your sight often.

Stahly W Brown
San Rafael, CA

Congratulations on the concept of your website. I hope that you, and through you the artists, are very successful.

Gloria Galasso
Ponca City, OK

Thank you for your E-Mail. I have just finished my payment for the rug. Thank you also for furnishing a Pay-Site personally for me. It was very convenient.

Mikio Nara
Aomori City, AOMORI, AO Japan

I love the information that you have put on your website.

Martha Platero
Tohajiilee, NM

The rug is lovely and the seller friendly, efficient, and professional. Thanks!

Sue Petersen

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