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Item Number: 1907-801
Item Number: 1907-801
  Sandra Begay

Price Was: $1,735.00
Today's Special: $1,685.00
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In The Spotlight
Navajo Rugs Buying Tips

    One of the most notable points for trying to determine the authenticity of a Navajo rug is the manner in which it is woven. There are two different types of looms that account for differences in the weave. 

View more tips at  Tips For Purchasing Navajo Rugs.

Who Are We?

Tribal Traders started out in 1998 in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a small group of people working together to bring you high quality, authentic arts and crafts directly from the people of the American Indian tribes.

Many dealers of fine southwestern art make annual trips to the southwest to purchase their goods directly from the Native Americans at low prices. Those products are then tagged with huge markups to sell to the public. Often the dealers will deny the amount of the markup or claim that they at least paid fair prices for the art work. Unfortunately, most Native Americans cannot afford the luxury of marketing their goods outside of their locale. Many people living on the reservations and in the pueblos have no home phone lines. Some even lack indoor plumbing. With such restrictions and limitations, these people have been forced to sell their products to the dealers who would come to them, for prices way below fair value. This is not to diminish the value of these products in the end. However, it is meant to demonstrate how, most of the time, the artist does not receive even a fair percentage of the final selling price. (This is not just nonsense or a myth!)

With the aid of the internet and a location (in Albuquerque) very close to several tribal lands, we hoped to change this situation. Our aim has been to sell products to the public at prices below the competition with most of the sales coming directly from the artists.

Over the past twelve years we've learned a lot about everything from weaving traditions to genealogy, and made a lot of great friends. In 2003, our office was moved to the northeast Ohio area. Now, we are continuing to work with our friends in the southwest and have an even larger selection of beautiful artwork to offer you.

We try to provide you with information to assist you in verifying the authenticity of all of your purchases. From time to time we will dedicate web pages on the work of a specific artist or on a chapter to introduce you to the Native American people and their cultures. At the same time, we have restrictions regarding the personal information given out about an artist or his people. If an artist wishes to keep his personal life private, we will respect his wishes.

With the help of our valued customers, like yourself, we will continue to try to make this a very successful internet trading post and to help (if by only a small amount) to build the economy of the Native American people.

We welcome your feedback! If you are interested in work by a particular artist, or specific colors or patterns in a rug, let us know. We can special order it for you. If you have ideas to help us build up our web site and business, let us know that too. We will try to provide you with the best service in every way possible. We're looking forward to meeting and talking with you soon!


~ Rita Rex Smith ~
(of Cherokee descent)

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